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ELF is an advanced, programmable, fast and user-friendly client for playing MUDs. 
MACROs, VARs, ALIASes, TRIGGERs, full mouse support, sounds, logs,scroll-buffer, full ANSI colour support, user definable windows, encryption, wizards, support for multiple instances. Automatic TICK recognition for faster HP/MANA/MOV regain. Built-in auto mapper. Fully configurable. 
These are some of the features of this Win95 native client. 

ELF was written by Alfredo Milani-Comparetti in 1995-1997. It was primarily developed to get full advantage of programming while playing MUDs. Almost anything can be achieved, from advanced automatic tick recognition to complex user windows that handle mouse pressing and pop-up menus. Programming gives you the power to fully customise your MUD playing. 

ELF is shareware. You may try it for a small period of time (14 to 20 days) to see if it fits your needs. If you decide to use it after that period of time, you need to register it or delete it from your computer. 
The latest Windows 3.1 version is 3.02
The latest Windows 95 version is 4.03

If you are a DELPHI programmer and need multimedia components with audio, video, graphic, jpeg, twain, voice commands support, please take at look at Almico's Delphi Components Home Page. 

If you need a quick, advanced, multithreaded shell replacement with full ZIP support, internal viewers and much more, please take a look at QuickShell.

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Last modified on 8 nov 1997