How to register ELFxWINSOCK

By registering you'll receive a small file that will enable the extra-features of ELFxWINSOCK even in every future release. Please allow 4 to 7days for delivering files by e-mail.
Registering with KAGI  VISA, MASTERCARD, American Express, US Checks, First Virtual, Invoice orders are done through KAGI. Registration is achieved via a small program (REGISTER.EXE) that will create the actual order form (using encrypted data). You should send such form to KAGI through fax, mail or E-mail. 
Registering on-line  VISA, MASTERCARD, First Virtual, American Express orders can be done through an online normal or secure form. 
Registering by mail  Snail-mail registrations can be sent directly to the address below: 
Alfredo Milani-Comparetti 
Via Velino, 24 
60100 - Ancona 
If you use snail-mail, please include cash in a thick envelope. Send cash in US dollars. 
Remember to include your internet address. 
There have been . Hope you enjoy here :-)
If you are a DELPHI programmer, please take at look at Almico's Delphi Components Home Page.
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