ELFxWINSOCK's features

ELFxWINSOCK is a client for playing MUDs with Windows® (3.1, 95 or NT) and a winsock connection.
In a few words, if you can use NETSCAPE® or INTERNET EXPLORER®, then you can use ELFxWINSOCK.
ELF gives its best through its advanced programmability.

Here are some of its features:
- full ANSI colours support with easy manipulation
- SCROLL-BUFFER with colours
- macros, triggers, variables and aliases
- built-in auto mapper
- easy translation of long names ("The Ghost of Brackenred"-->"bones")
- user-friendly on-line editing of macros, triggers, variables and aliases
- the ability to enable/disable each single trigger
- the ability to recognise the tick automatically, showing when it will end
- LOCAL variables
- user-defined variables inside macros, triggers, and commands
- user definable windows with colours and advanced mouse support
- user definable popup menus
- file handling commands and functions
- special meta-commands like @IF, @SKIP, @BEEP, @CALL, @WHILE and @OUTSTR
- full expression evaluation with functions like @TIME, @TICK, @ONLINE and @IDLE
- functions @CRY and @DCRY to encrypt and decrypt some text using a key
- advanced programming by using time in your calculations (@TIME, @TICK, @ONLINE and @IDLE)
- several wizards to help working with advanced topics
- multiple commands on the same line
- full LOG support
- macros linked to the mouse
- command line editing with history, insert e delete
- buffered and unbuffered operating mode
- a toolbar to easily manage multiple instances of ELF connected to various servers

Here is a sample screen of ELF with some of its features highlighted
Take a look at some more (small) screen-shots of advanced features.
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