When you start playing MUDs you immediately feel the need for a client (a program designed to help playing them).
When you first use a client you start using MACROs.
After a while you discover the usefulness of TRIGGERs for easy jobs, like eating and drinking.
Furthermore you create small ALIASes to avoid typing long sequences of commands with small changes in them (like taking an object from a large bag inside a pouch inside a backpack inside a... :-)))).
The next step is creating TRIGGERs, ALIASes and MACROs that work together for truly complex behaviours.
Well: ELF is perfectly suited for all of those tasks, but gives its best when you really need power and "customisability".

The basic idea behind ELF was that nothing had to be hardcoded inside ELF, but that everything could, possibly, be programmed by the end user.
This goal seems to have been achieved!

When you start programming ELF you can be sure that whatever you'll like to do, you'll be able to (at least... ELF won't represent your limit :-)).
Take a look at some examples, unveil ELF's power and... compare!

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