What's new in the last release of ELF

The latest release of ELF is version 4.03 for Windows 95
- the auto-mapper automatically removes the lines starting with a mob's name
- infos about the latest release are automatically retrieved and shown
- added a window containing obvious exits
- a double click on one of the obvious exits makes you go in that direction
- several changes to the visual interface
- quick selection of high/standard intensity colors
- auto-mapping starts when a room description is detected
- changed the routine that shows random hints
- MULTI-LINE EXITS are now handled correctly
- exits settings are stored on a per MUD basis
- quick mapping options for Medievia and Lumen et Umbra
- added support for BREATH
- added alias ONBREATHMAX
- added function MYBREATH
- added support for TELNET port numbers over 9999
- GA (Go Ahead) telnet command no longer issues a SPURIOUS TELNET COMMAND
- better handled main form's size and position storing
- YOU and YOUR at the beginning of a room description are no longer valid MOB names (i.e. they are no longer defined as UNWANTED lines)
- UNWANTED triggers for the auto-mapper can now be modified
- added context-sensitive help for the auto-mapper
Download version 3.02 for Windows 3.1 now
Download version is 4.03 for Windows 95 now
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